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Tips For Buying In Vancouver's Hot Real estate Market

I was out this weekend showing buyers around who eventually ended up getting a place they absolutely loved.
It made me think this would be a great opportunity to help anyone out looking to get in on Vancouver’s Hot Market (especially if you are just starting out)
#1 Get your financing sorted ahead of time so you are able to make a decision quickly if your dream property comes up!
Multiple offers can happen and quite often the people who have all of their ducks in a row have a better chance at being accepted first.
#2 If you find a home that you love that ticks all of the boxes you were looking for… GO FOR IT!
Knowing the area you want to live in, type of property (condo / house / townhouse) and a clear budget gives you the ammunition to make confident offers as you have a clear goal.
Once you have made a decision about what you are looking for don’t question yourself! Do the handwork before you go so you don’t get cold feed and end up regretting not putting an offer in!
Obviously there are other variables at play (other listings, will the market go up or down)
But ultimately if the place ticks all of your boxes (investment or for you to live in it) and your gut reaction is you love it - you absolutely should go for it.
Even if the market moves slightly - but if you truly love the place and will have it for the next 10-20 years the happiness you will get from being in that place will far outweigh small variance in price you may see.